Wave Gotik Treffen is a unique festival as it takes place in approx 50+ locations around the city of Leipzig. The venues are scattered right across the city from the very large main Agra Messepark venue South of the City Centre to the Industrial Estate venues in the East and the scattering of smaller venues around the City Centre. NOTE: The festival evolves each year, many of the minor venues will / will not be used, check the official WGT program / itinerary for exact details.

The nine Main venues of the festival are listed below together with a brief description of their use during the festival, click on the boxes to visit an individual page for each venue where you can find more details about the venue. The remaining venues are listed together on the 'Other Venues' page.

Why so many venues? well with over 200 bands, plus talks, exhibitions, shows, opera, ballet, classical, parties and a whole plethora of other activities it would be impossible to hold them in one venue, so essentially the whole of Leipzig becomes the festival ground

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