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WGT - Feedback

I hope you found this website useful and that it will make your trip to the next WGT a little bit easier, if you think I have missed something / something is wrong (note, that the festival is ever evolving and changes every year) then feel free contact me through the Facebook group link above and let  me know what the issue is.

In addition, if you would like to contribute content to the website then please feel free to send me a message so we can discuss / very happy to credit you with any details you can provide. To those that have offered support either by providing additional material / helping on the ground in Leipzig at the Pre Meet or feeding back on what I have written, my thanks to you all.

Well that is almost everything I have to offer, thank you for reading this website I hope to meet you in Leipzig, I will be the one in black with the big boots...

Special thanks goes to the Facebook Group moderators

  • Eva, Mikael, Henry and Oliver, without you the group would be very much harder to manage, thank you for all the effort and support you have provided over the years (not only in the group, but also on the ground in Leipzig helping with the Pre Meet), you guys are brilliant :)

Extra special thanks goes to all the members of the Sadgoth Family that have contributed to the upkeep of this site (detailed on the Sadgoth Patrons page)

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