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WGT - What to take

So you have decided where you’re going to stay, the next thing to do is decide is what you are going to take with you (it may seem stupidly early, however you need to seriously think about this, it could cost you lots of money if you want to take a lot of stuff. Plan well). It's essential that you decide on what you want to take to Leipzig before you book your flight. If you have heavy stuff to take over then don’t book a budget airline, RyanAir has a limit of 15kg whilst Easyjet and Eurowings both have limits of 20/23kgs (if you are flying from the UK). It may seem silly but if you pack a pair of New Rocks then you have just lost up to 6kgs of your allowance, added with the actual weight of your suitcase (normally about 6kgs) it can all add up to your total baggage allowance. We have heard stories of people being charged €100s for extra baggage, and that’s one way (and only adds up to a few extra kilograms). Also remember that if you go shopping you will need some space to pack the added weight. I have also noted that many airlines now have a maximum suitcase weight of 23kgs although some let you go up 30kgs (due to health and safety concerns of those that have to load the aircraft), so another option is to have a carry on suitcase that fit in the overhead lockers, you might want to keep it empty too as this can be your shopping space on the return flight.


Also for those travelling long distance with connecting flights on a different airline you should note that many of Europe's carriers have a max weight of suitcase normally set at 23kg, therefore you might get stung for fees / have to re-pack if you bring too much (probably best to fly straight into Berlin). If you do travel with a budget airline make sure you factor in taking extra luggage when you purchase your tickets, it's worth doing, rather than getting stung

I advise taking a suitable suitcase (preferably an upright one with a decent handle that extends. You may need to haul it from the train station to your hotel in Leipzig. Can it handle cobble stones?). Think about what you want to take, outfits, boots, toiletries etc. As a general rule I take 10 outfits, 5 for the day and five for the evening, although you can get away with less, but if you want more choice then again it's all weight you need to factor into your travel plans.
If you can get away with one pair of boots don’t take any more (it's common sense really, but some of the things we have seen proves that not everybody thinks about this important factor) and wear all your heaviest clothes; you can always take them off once you have checked in at the airport. 

I also advise taking a different pair of shoes or boots, 'Treffen Foot' sets in after a few days and your feet will ache like mad (after standing, dancing on concrete for a few days)...Its quite common for a variety of non goth boots/shoes to appear on feet on the Monday of WGT (apart from providing some comedy value its vital to remember to have additional shoes to wear when you don't need your biggest meanest goth boots, its that or end up with very sore feet, blisters and a longing to sit down whenever you can).

If you want to attend the Victorian Picnic or wear ball gowns then you are going to need extra space, it therefore may make more sense to book a non budget airline such as British Airways or to drive and take as much clothes as you want. Personally at WGT I go for comfort, the days are long and I want to be able to sit down anywhere so its leather trousers and some form of long sleeve t-shirt for me, normally with an extra layer in my rucksack for the evening when it can get a bit chilly, then a better outfit for the evening after a quick change and freshen-up at the Hotel.

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