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WGT - Westbad

Westbad was new for 2018 and is located to the west of the city centre, throughout the festival it hosts bands each night. The venue is located on a back street, so you have to know where you are going (and we found not all taxi drivers knew it, so go with the address). When you arrive you have to get yourself upstairs, I believe there must be a lift for disabled people (because I saw a number of wheelchair users). The venue is nice enough inside, room for about 1500 at a push, merchandise on the first floor, gig space on the second along with two beer bars, a cocktail bar, and a side room for a very limited amount of food stalls (hot dogs, sandwiches, pasta and a few cakes). Sound is good in the venue but there is no where to sit, and toilets are back downstairs.

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