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WGT - Taubchenthal

The Taubchenthal is a brilliant venue that is much more than just a place to see some bands, its also a brilliant place to hang out / chill and to party to the early hours of the morning. If you have been going to WGT for a few years and remember Werk II then this place has the same feeling, quite wonderful for many reasons.

According to their website 'the Täubchenthal has become the talk of the town. It’s a lavishly-renovated hall of a former trading estate, and its colossal size allows it to host bigger events and acts. Two huge chandelier-like light installations dangle from the ceiling and set a nice atmosphere. There’s also a smaller club room for small concerts in an intimate environment. Even the toilets are a special experience at Täubchenthal and sometimes they hire DJs to play in the loo', what more needs to be said?

The venue is quite easy to reach and is quite near the Felsenkeller, so good for band hopping (you can walk the distance), its just a little outside of the main centre of town to the west.

The venue comprises a number of areas, the first you walk through is the huge courtyard (scattered liberally with seating, including a huge corner seated area that  you can climb on), the second area you come across may well be the corridor that leads to the main gig area its a nice size and some of the scenes larger bands will play here, however you should note that this place gets very busy and it gets very hot (even though its quite large). If you missed the main corridor then you have found the outer bar area, a nice pub like bar that has seating and some great beer (although no Schwarzbier). Once inside there are steps up to the 1st floor where you can stand and look down on bands playing, its quite a good viewing area, however the sound quality is diminished and you get the heat rising (there are also a number of sofas on the first floor and a large veranda to hang out on between bands)

However the place really only comes to life once the bands have finished, as this is the venue for 'When We Were Young', a brilliant night for those who prefer their Goth in the traditional style, this after party night will run from Friday night to Sunday night and will be quite busy. DJs from across the world will play some of the greatest hits of the old Goth world and many that you may have forgotten or completely missed, the dance floor is large and there always seems to be space, however there is a lack of indoor seating, there is plenty of seating outside however you cant hear the music from there (NOTE: the upstairs will be closed during the after parties)

You can grab food at the venue, there are a number of stalls selling typical festival food, there is also an outside bar where you can get drinks, they add a deposit and give you a token (you need to return the glass and the token to get your deposit back)

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