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WGT - Review

Well if you have got this far then you are doing well, you now understand what you need to do to get your Arse to Leipzig...but know what you need to do is completely different from actually putting in the time and effort to make it happen, the next step is to actually make some bookings

  • Its simple, work out how much money you have to spare on this trip

  • Look to see if you can spread the cost over a few months or the entire year

  • Book accommodation first, spend time researching the options and get a reservation complete (I recommend one that you can cancel without penalty)

  • Once you have somewhere to stay then the next step is to work out how you are going to get to Germany, look at the options, look at the prices and shop around (esp if flying)

  • Plan your travel, if you are travelling alone feel free to post in the Facebook group to see if others from your area are going. If you are travelling as part of a group make sure you have all the groups bases covered (and remember to book the time off work)

  • Once you have your travel to Germany sorted you need to plan how you will get to Leipzig, a few will fly into Leipzig / Halle airport, but the majority of us will probably arrive in Berlin and most likely take the train from the centre of Berlin down to Leipzig, check out the prices, remember to check out 1st Class (it can sometimes be cheaper)

  • After that you can sit back and wait for tickets to go on sale in Feb / Mar prior to WGT, you can book these in advance or do what most people do and pick them up in Leipzig, they have never sold out and wont, the festival does not work that way because it is dispersed over the city

Once you have all that sorted its time to actually plan what you are going to do at the Festival, if you are geeky like me you will probably want to use Google Maps to get your bearings, find venues and how to get too and from them (plus use Streetview to spot landmarks to help you navigate)...then its just a case of waiting for the festival to start and for you to start your travels...

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