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WGT - Why Sadgoth?

So for some reason various people have asked 'Who are you' and why are you Sad? Well here is a bit of info to help satisfy those that have asked. I live in Worthing just along the coast from Brighton on the South Coast of England (UK) and have done so for most of my life, I'm in my mid 50s and have attended every WGT since 2002. I have been a Goth for most of my life. I have a passion for Music, Gigs and Dancing (and I have quite a passion for Schwarzbier Beer of the Köstritzer type, other than that I love to drive and travel. In normal life I work as a Senior Project Planning Manager)

You may find various spelling mistakes across this site together with grammar errors as I suffer from a mild form of Dyslexia, there are words I can never spell correctly...if you care to point out my errors I will gladly correct them, thanks.


Why am I Sad? Well many  years ago when I first created an email account I was kind of sad due to personal problems, and the name sort of some have said that i am sad for writing this website, although other people may equally say that you are just as sad for reading it (maybe doubly so for getting this far, hehe). Anyway enough about me I hope you found the answers to your questions about Wave Gotik Treffen and Leipzig and I hope to see you in Leipzig (I will be the one dressed in black with the big boots!)


I have had a couple of people ask if they can donate to support the website and other activity that I complete to be able to bring you the latest on WGT each please find a button that will take you to PayPal and a payment screen via your Paypal or Debit / Credit Card...thank you in advance :) In total I estimate that the site has cost about £1200 - £1400, that is yearly domain and monthly hosting costs etc since the sites conception in 2006, although there is no accounting for the time it takes to create and update...thank you once again 


I created this website on the 10th March 2006 (after initially purchasing the domain on the 1st ​April 2005) to help first timers get to the worlds biggest and best Gothic Festival and to expand the knowledge of those that have been to find some of the quieter less known corners of the festival. I suppose I found it rather daunting when I first went as there is very little information in English on the Internet that can help you. If you have been before you will know what I mean, with the various venues scattered around the city its very easy to miss whole sections of the festival. It all started in 2002 when I finally got around to going to my first Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT), having previously only been to various UK based festivals. I didn't know what to expect, except for the knowledge that there were 150 bands playing. Needless to say I loved every minute of the festival, from the shopping hall to the bands playing, from the multi-national make up of the crowd to the city and all that has to offer. I have been every year since.

Initially I started a small Yahoo Group to help other English speaking Goths get to Leipzig, the group started with just a bunch of friends as members but grew to several hundred over a number of years (until finally Yahoo groups was shut down). To help the group I wrote a 20 page guide to WGT, however there was still more information to add as I gained more details about the festival and Leipzig. The Guide became the basis of the first website that lasted for 10 years before I finally found the time to move it over to the current host in May 2018.

In addition in 2010 I started a supporting Facebook group to make WGT announcements on that has grown and grown (the group is moderated and spam is deleted with spammers being banned) can find links above

I don’t profess to be an expert on the festival, nor do I have any connections with the organisers (although I am a moderator on the official WGT website forum), the content of this website is purely my own opinion of what I have seen and experienced, although I hope many of you will send me additional information. See you in Leipzig.

I have been asked to expand the website several times, to provide the same level of detail for Amphi and Mera Luna...maybe one day, maybe that will be in my retirement plan , when I finally have the time, for the time being you will just have to accept that this site is just for WGT...the best damn Gothic festival in the world...


Brilliant, I would love to hear from you, if you have an ideas about what I should add or information that you have or could write for the site then email me, or feel free to contact me on facebook, Thank you

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