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The Felsenkeller is a quite a large venue to the West of the city centre, it comprises two venues the Felsenkeller (the main venue used by bands) and Naumanns which is located next to it and is more like a bar, however bands will play there and the place will host parties most evenings.


The Felsenkeller opened in 1890 and its a magnificent building, its long history started with the Naumanns brothers opening it and throughout it long rich history it has survived almost unscathed. In the early 1990s, however, the Felsenkeller had to close due to construction defects and survived only thanks to the self-sacrificing commitment of the new owner. Since 2014, the Felsenkeller has been extensively renovated and re-used with its stunning ballroom and beautiful beer garden. 


Bands will play in the main hall most days of WGT, its a good size and there is normally plenty of room to dance, indeed the dancefloor has an added advantage of having seating all the way around (which is rather useful). On the first night of the festival there is an EBM Opening Night party where a number of electronic bands will play as well as there being 4 dancefloors (some are very small), its gets rather busy as non WGT wristband holders can pay to enter. The bars are ok (although the one in the garden is quite small and you may have to wait to be served) and serve a limited range of beers and drinks. The garden is quite large and great to chill in, however the surface is covered in a thick layer of loose wood bark.

Capacity of the Felsenkeller is approx 1700 however even when at full capacity you should have a half decent view of the stage as it is sunken into the floor, so you can stand on the main dancefloor area or around the edge.


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