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WGT - Heidnisches Dorf

So this venue has a number of names, on the official Map its called 'Heidnisches Dorf' however it used to be called 'Torhaus Dolitz' and can sometime be mistaken with the Medieval Village on top of the Moritzbastei (which is basically a mini Pagan Village).

The Pagan village is set in a wonderful location amongst a wooded grove (a stones throw from the Agra, get off the stop before). At the venue you will find various stalls selling some amazing medieval foods, wonderful drinks and you will be entertained by folk and medieval bands. You will also find stalls selling armour, various leather accessories, jewellery, clothes and wooden goods.

Its a great chill out zone, with a couple of stages for folk / medieval sounding bands, if you have not been then I strongly recommend that you go and have a look. The people working in the village look like they stay on site and live the Medieval way of life, most are dressed in the style and certainly all the tents look authentic. The smell of roasting foods wafts around the site and is very tempting and you will find some wonderful drinks that may well ensure that you don't walk for a few days should you decide to try them...The shops are very varied, from the normal Gothic house ware and clothing to handmade wooden artifacts, animal bone chandeliers, swords / armour and there is also a store selling a set of armoured bagpipes, you will also find an alfresco hot bath in a tent for half a dozen people that seems to be very popular (swimwear is optional!). There is also lots of entertainment, kids will love the place.


For drink I highly recommend going for one of the many wines, there are two types...the first you will see in large round glass containers with a tube coming out the top, pick a flavour and ask for a glass or bottle (its tastes great), the other wine to go for can be found in glass bottles / earthen ware bottles and can be found at various stalls, they have great names like Dragons Blood or Angel Blood. Both wine types are very strong, after a couple of bottles you are going to be quite tipsy.


For food I highly recommend going for something different, there are loads of stalls selling food, and we have never had bad food here, be it garlic mushrooms, steak, fried potatoes, smoked meat etc, it all looks a bit different but tastes wonderful. 


Seating can be a pain to find, there are a number of benches around the place, but many come to the Pagan Village for the day, so tend to stay seated for ages, my advice is to bring a picnic blanket and sit on the grass, although if it rains I advise finding alternative entertainment.

If you are camping and or have the appropriate wrist band you can take a short cut across the campsite to the village. Its worth noting that the public can gain admission to the Pagan Village, so the place can be quite busy, if you want to see a band I advise getting there quite early as the band part of the ground gets full.

Toilets can be found in one corner next to the main stage, there are normally a few free dixi toilets and a shed where you need to part with half a euro to sit on a real toilet. 

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