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WGT - Stadtbad

Once an indoor swimming pool this wonderful venue located to the north of the city centre will host bands throughout WGT. The venue is quite small with the stage at the deep end of the pool, its worth visiting just to wander around and stare at the wonder ceiling decoration.

About from Leipziger Stadtbad website

Leipziger Stadtbad is a 19th-century bath house which was converted into a spectacular event venue after 2004. It is an interesting place to visit, knowing that the large event hall that hosts exhibitions, concerts, etc served as a massive pool for men in those days and the artistic walls as well as ornate interiors bear an account of Art Nouveau influence on the construction. What visitors see and appreciate today, is the product of painstaking efforts for conservation that were undertaken by the local foundations. Owing to its rich history and beautiful appearance, visiting the Leipziger Stadtbad is always a treat.

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