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WGT - Where is it?

WGT take place in Leipzig city, in the state of Saxony Land, east-central Germany. It lies just above the junction of the Pleisse, Parthe, and Weisse Elster rivers, about 115 miles (185 km) south of Berlin.​ The city is located at 51.34 latitude and 12.37 longitude and it is situated at elevation 116 meters above sea level approx. 


The WGT festival itself is unlike any other Gothic Music festival for it takes over the whole city, there are approximately 50 venues around the city where events will be held (although only about 10 sites are what you would call main sites), and each year venues disappear and new ones appear, no two years are the same, miss a year and the next time you attend it may have all changed...the festival has certainly evolved over the years that I have been attending. The main site is the Agra Messepark to the south of the city centre,  other venues may change but this one remains stable due to its size and its ability to house the associated campsite.  

The Map to the right is an example from a few years ago and show the amount of venues where events will take place, you can collect one when you get your wristband

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