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WGT - Official FAQ

So the following is reproduced from the official WGT Forum FAQ page...for info only

NOTE: It is quite high level, there is plenty more information available on this site and of course on the official WGT forum pages

Apart from the WGT camping site and caravan parking area there are numerous means of accommodation in Leipzig. Hotels and hostels should be booked as early as possible though, as some of the most wanted places are often booked up well in advance. Holiday flats and private guest rooms are offered through our forum as well – in the weeks before WGT you can find a special section there called „Brauchst Du Schlaf? / Do you need sleep?“.

Adolescents (young people under 18)
The German law for the protection of the youth is in effect without restriction of any kind on all days and in all venues of WGT. Therefore young people under 16 have no access to WGT without an accompanying parent or person having the care and custody of the child (with a signed confirmation by the parents in written form and a valid passport/ID of the accompanying person). Young people under 18 can attend WGT events without an accompanying person until 24:00 / midnight. Single events may be age-restricted (e.g. the „Obsession Bizarr fetish party“ etc.). Further information about age-restricted events can be found in the WGT program.

Applications for performances
.bewerbung@wave-gotik-treffen.deApplications by bands/artists or their agencies are always possible and to be sent directly to the festival organisers. The best way to get in touch is via email to The message should contain some short information about the artist as well as links to sound samples on the internet (e.g. on „Youtube“, „Bandcamp“ or „Soundcloud“ etc.). Due to the large number of applications it might take a long time before you receive a reply – thanks in advance for your understanding.

Caravans, mobile homes, camping trailers

There is a seperate parking area for caravans, mobile homes and camping trailers at the „Agra Messepark“ (Bornaische Strasse 210, Leipzig-Markkeeberg). For a car with a camping trailer you will need 2 parking tickets („Parkvignette“), one for the car and one for the trailer, as they have to be parked at two different areas. For mobile homes 1 parking ticket is sufficient. 
Each person who sleeps in a caravan/mobile home/camping trailer needs an „Obsorge“-ticket (camping ticket) as well. Depending on the available space it is allowed to build a small awning. Propane gas containers are allowed as long as they are firmly installed. Please note that there are no power- or water-connections or disposal facilities for faecal waste.

Catering, Food, Drinks
Catering (food and drinks) is supplied at almost every single WGT venue. Please note that it's not allowed to bring your own drinks and food into any of the WGT venues. Exception: visitors with „Obsorge“-ticket/-wristband are allowed to take drinks and food to the camping site for self-supply.

Children under 12 have free access to WGT if accompanied by their parents. During live concerts an appropriate hearing protection for children is absolutely necessary! Without hearing protection access will not be granted. The German law for the protection of the youth is in effect without restriction of any kind on all days and in all venues of WGT.

Day tickets
Since 2001 only tickets for all 4 days (Friday to Monday) of WGT are available. 
This might be annoying for some visitors but there is a reason: In spite of the huge amount of concerts and events at WGT the character of a "meeting" of like-minded people should always be in the focus and should therefore be more important than visiting one single band or event. Visiting a single show on a tour of the respective artists should be the better choice in this case. 
Apart from that the capacities of many venues at WGT are limited. If we would be offering day tickets, thousands of additional visitors would increase the rush on some venues/concerts massively. The inevitable consequence of this would be a premature entrance stop leading to a big frustration of all visitors, especially those who bought 4-day-tickets. This is a situation we would like to avoid at all costs.

Disabled visitors and required accompanying person
Disabled visitors who have a respective note in their handicapped ID receive a discount of 100% on the ticket for their accompanying person. To receive the respective wristbands both the disabled visitor and the accompanying person have to register together with our main box office (main entrance to Agra-Messepark, Bornaische Strasse 210).

Dogs, animals
It's not allowed to take dogs or any other animals to the camping site or into any WGT venue. Therefore you should find an appropriate accommodation for your pets for the whole duration of WGT well in advance.

Electrical connections, charging of electronic devices
A limited amount of plug sockets to charge electronic devices are supplied in the shower containers at the camping site. We strongly advise to bring portable powerbanks to charge your mobile phones etc.

During WGT from Friday to Monday (each day between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.) professional and experienced personnel is looking after your children (from an age of 3 years) in an indoor facility near the Agra Halle. There they can play, do handicrafts or paint with playfellows of the same age. The child care is limited to a time period of 3 hours consecutively. Refreshments (beverages) will be supplied, food catering is not supplied. Toilet facilities are of course available as well.

„Obsorgekarte“, „Obsorge“-ticket (camping ticket)
The „Obsorge“-ticket (camping ticket) authorises the owner to use the WGT camping site and caravan parking area. It is only valid in combination with a WGT ticket and has to be bought per person (not per tent or per caravan).

At the wristband exchange you will receive a free folding map containing the WGT running order and a simple city map of Leipzig as well as a map of Leipzigs public transport system. Addresses and public transport information for all WGT venues are to be found on this website under „Information“ > „Locations“.

„Parkvignette“, parking ticket
The parking ticket authorises the owner to use the WGT parking area near „Agra Messepark“ on all days of WGT. It is available both in pre-sale with your online ticket order or directly at the entrance to the parking area.

„Pfingstbote“, program book
The „Pfingstbote“ is the official WGT program book. It's available on all box offices and the central WGT merchandise stand at the Agra market hall.

Public transport (trams, buses, S-Bahn)
The WGT ticket includes the free use of all public transport within Zone 110 of the MDV (Mitteldeutscher Verkehrverbund), this includes all trams, buses and S-Bahn lines except special lines e.g. sightseeing tours). Detailed information (e.g. period of validity) is to be found on the reverse side of your WGT ticket.

Reordering tickets
„Obsorge“-tickets (camping tickets) and parking tickets cannot be ordered seperately on our ticket order page if needed at a later date. It's possible to alter your existing ticket order adding additional „Obsorge“- or parking tickets as long as the payment has not been made. In this case please call +49 341 2120862 or send an email to and make sure you have your invoice number ready (or include it in your email).

Running order, timetable
The exact running order (which concert/event takes place in which location at which time) is always released a few weeks before the festival (click on „Program“ in the navigation menu of this website). Due to organisational reasons there might be last minute changes and alterations at any time. We hope for your understanding.

Showers, sanitary facilities
Sanitary facilities are available in all locations. The use of showers on the camping site is subject to a small fee, toilets are always free.

When does WGT take place?
WGT always takes place on the weekend around the Pentecost holidays, the seventh weekend after Easter. It starts on Friday before Pentecost and ends on Pentecost Monday. 


Where does WGT take place?
WGT takes place at about 50 different venues at the same time, spread all over the city of Leipzig. You can find a list of all WGT venues under „Information“ > Locations on this website.

WGT tickets have to be exchanged upon arrival for a WGT wristband which allows you access to all official WGT events. There are two different types of wristbands for visitors with or without an „Obsorge-Ticket“ (Camping ticket). The locations and opening times of the wristband exchanges are published here: Information > Wristbands.

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