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WGT - Levels, Rules and Points

Without doubt this is the most important page of the website :)


It does not take long of talking with people in Leipzig to realise that many people come back year after year, they have the WGT bug and that the festival is an important part of their goth year, so just for fun we came up with levels for the amount of years that you have been to WGT...


So what Level are you?

  • 0-1 = WGT Virgin​​

  • 2-4 = WGT Newbie

  • 5-9 = WGT Regular​

  • 10-14 = WGT Expert

  • 15-19 = WGT Veteran

  • 19-24 = WGT Uber Veteran​

  • 25+ = WGT God!


Did you know that there are rules that you need to abide by when you go to WGT...make sure you tell your mates, they are very important and are key to you having the best festival possible

  • Rule #1: You cant go back to your hotel before 3am

  • Rule #2: No sneaking back to your hotel before 3am

Now I realise that technically speaking that's only one rule, but I thought it was such a big one, it was worth mentioning twice...

Just remember you have waited all year for WGT, you have probably watched various websites and social media groups for breaking news and the first band announcement, you have planned what you want to do, what bands you want to see and have waited all year for the fun to begin, and not to mention the amount of money you have / are going to spend getting to and enjoying the don't be a puss and go to bed early, go and get another beer and continue the party, the weekend will go faster than you can imagine and before long you will be back at work watching the count down to next year...make the most of it, Prost!


So lets play the points game, who can get the most points over the course of WGT

You get

  • 10 Sadgoth points for every evening you stay up until 3am (that is anywhere other than you bedroom)

  • 5 Sadgoth points for every FULL hour after 3am

  • 20 extra Sadgoth points if you have absinthe after 4am before bed

  • 50 bonus Sadgoth points if you can actually see the sun when you leave a club / bar

  • 10 additional Sadgoth points if you go and have breakfast before going to bed!


See if you can beat your mates and Join the Sadgoth facebook group and post how many points you got...good luck :)

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