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WGT - When is it?

The dates for WGT change from year to year as Whitsun (also known as Pentecost in the Christian calendar) occurs seven weeks (50 days) after Easter, however the date will always fall between the 10th May and the 13th June. It is also worth noting that the dates do not always coincide with Whitsun in the UK or other nations due to the way in which Eastern and Western Christian calendars are calculated.


WGT Dates for forthcoming years (Fri-Mon)

  • 2025: 6th June - 9th June

  • 2026: 22nd May - 25th May

  • 2027: 14th May - 17th May

  • 2028: 2nd June - 5th June

  • 2029: 18th May - 21st May

  • 2030: 7th June - 10th June

NOTE: As a minimum It is highly advised that you arrive on the Thursday before WGT and leave on the Tuesday after (see Planning for more information), however I strongly advise that you go Wednesday to Wednesday, that will give you time to acclimatise and rest before the festival starts and it gives you a day after to rest (believe me, you will need it!)

Key Dates

In the run up to each years WGT there are a number of milestones you need to understand 

  • Band announcements: Bands are announced in small batches normally starting about Christmas time and going right up to the few days before WGT

  • Tickets: Don't panic, tickets normally go on sale in March (they have never sold out) 

What should you do first (more about this later)

  • ​Get your Hotel reservation sorted

  • Start looking into your travel arrangements

  • Whatever the date is, do you research, WGT is like no other festival, my advice is to read this site to understand how the festival works, then make a plan of what you want to do / priorities then when you reach Leipzig try to stick to your plan...


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