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WGT - Research

This is a key part to any successful venture, know what you are getting into, know where you want to go and what who you want to see (band wise)...make a plan, and try to stick to it. The more you research the more confident you will be that your investment is sound and that you know as much as you possibly can about the festival and Leipzig before you arrive. As I have stated before WGT is not like a normal festival, you have to get out there and get it, else you end up sitting in a bar drinking till you can't walk and miss all the bands you wanted to see (it's easily done).

So I recommend (if you have the time) reading all the pages of this website (sorry there are lots of them), its helped so many people from every corner of the planet get themselves to Leipzig and WGT

If you are on Facebook, join the top right, join the conversation, ask all the questions and help grow your knowledge (there are plenty of people in the group that can help you)

Make sure you check out the official WGT website, yeah its retro but hey so is Goth! it's a useful resource especially when bands announcements start being made, the official WGT Forum is also a useful resource, yes a lot of it is in German (just use the Chrome Browser, right click and translate page, works wonders and allows you to peer into what 'Ze Germans' are discussing (to coin a phrase from Lock Stock)

There are other resources out there you might want to check out, YouTube has loads of videos from many people that go to WGT, some really good Vlogs and reviews can be found along with numerous videos of bands playing the various venues.

In my opinion it's also worth checking out Google maps, finding out where your hotel is, local landmarks, where the venues are situated, where is the nearest tram stop can save yourself from loads of stress if you know where you are and where you need to get too because you have already done the route on a map (NOTE: Germany banned Google from updating Street view about 10 years ago, so if you use Street view expect it to be out of date, the Maps are however all up to date) 

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