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WGT - Tell me more

So whilst you are reading my website you should note that I am from the UK, so there is a slight British slant to the information on this site and my writings. The festival morphs each year so this website can only ever be as up to date as the last festival, therefore you may find that some of the information on this website is out of date, however I have tried to give an honest and realistic explanation of my own experiences or from people that I know who may have a greater understanding of certain aspects of the festival. I have no connection with the organisers (although I do help to moderate the official WGT website forum) and this site is not for profit, there are no adverts, and all costs are borne by me (and thanks to everybody that has contributed over the years).

There really is so much to do and see at the WGT Festival (let alone Leipzig City itself). The festival is not just about Music, it is so much more and you probably wont have enough time to do everything as there is so much to do from seeing gigs, shopping at a huge gothic market, chilling in the massive Pagan Village, going to the ballet or opera, getting involved in LRPG, visiting the free museums or the wonderful cemetaries, then there are readings and films, churches to visit, autograph signings, classical music, a victorian picnic, a steampunk picnic, parties in just about every corner of the city and exhibitions...there is no other Gothic festival like WGT 

No matter what sub genre of the gothic scene you are in to there will be others just like you and not just from Germany, but from around the world. There will be bands that will play your type of music, be it electro, synth, trad, punk, deathrock, metal, noise, gothic rock, ebm, industrial, folk, darkwave, ambient, pop or just about any other type of music you care to name you will be catered for.

Many people ask and email me about WGT (normally as they have yet to attend) and my one real piece of advice is always to 'Plan Well', there is so much to do and see, and not really that much time. You should plan early too (if you have the chance), from how you get to Leipzig, to what you take and what bands you want to see, especially if you want to see certain bands. Many people find themselves shopping all day and give themselves no time to see bands, that or you turn up for a band and find it packed and that you cant get in to the venue (a semi regular occurrence). You need to set your priorities and plan the rest of the trip around them. You can always bank on public transport being slower than you thought and more packed. Getting in to see popular bands is always difficult, even at the Agra, the largest festival venue. Get there early and remember Germans don't really queue. However don’t let me put you off by all this, you will have an excellent time, and guaranteed you will want to come back next year, so dont just dream it, get your arse to Leipzig...Do it!

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