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WGT - What is it?

Wave Gotik Treffen or WGT (pronounced Ve-Ge-Te) is a Gothic Festival that occurs in Leipzig, Germany every year. It's the biggest (and I would say 'the best') event that occurs in the global Gothic calendar. However it's not just a Music Festival, it is so much more, it's a cornucopia of everything Gothic, it's the centre of the Gothic Universe, Its an International meeting of all Gothic peoples, it's where you will feel like you belong, it's quite simply our Home...this website and the supporting Facebook Group (see link above) will provide you with all the detail you need and the reason why you need to start planning your trip to WGT and Leipzig.


WGT is unlike many other gothic festivals, it takes over the entire city with venues right across the greater Leipzig area. However there are a number of key venues, the biggest festival site is the Agra Messepark where the Headliner bands will play, Heidnisches Dorf (pagan village) is a brilliant location set in the woods where much of the medieval music will play (do not let you put off, it's an amazing place that should not be missed), and then there is the Moritzbastei (an old fort where the dungeons are now a nightclub), the Felsenkeller, Haus Leipzig and the wonderful Volkspalast (to name but a few). It's also worth noting that bands from all the corners of the world will play at the festival, however if you don't know any of the bands or if watching bands is not your thing then don't worry you still have shopping, parties / clubbing and some wonderful sightseeing that should keep you more than occupied. Its five days of Gothic overload and there is never enough time to see and do everything, and for sure you will be total exhausted at the end of the long weekend, but totally happy and adamant that you will come back.

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