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WGT - Maps

With today's technology you hardly ever need a printed map, however if you are old school then you may find these useful. The first is a map of the wider Leipzig area, most of WGT occurs in the Mitte and Sud areas (this map is useful when booking hotels, as they will generally reference the area of the city, my recommendation is to make sure you are in or close to Mitte.

The next two maps are old WGT maps (you get one similar when you collect your wristband), however I find the maps today are absolutely cluttered with venue names and are pretty useless. these older ones are more useful (yes a number of the venues have changed, but you can still read them)


This is a brilliant map with all the venues marked together with the best transport link, click on the map to access the online version (click on the  route to see transport details)

Thanks to Thomas Wolmer for updating the Map

WGT Venue Google Map.PNG
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