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Expect the unexpected! Come prepared and hopefully the next WGT will have good weather. I have known it to be so hot that many people have got burnt (or could not watch gigs due to the heat in the venues) to days of torrential rain that flood the campsite and makes the Agra quite difficult and uncomfortable to navigate.

Always bring an umbrella and sun cream, you may need both or neither...if you are camping you need to be aware that you may have to go and rescue your tent as low lying area have been known to flood and wash tents away. Make sure your hotel has Air Con too.

The following is a graphical representation of average rainfall per month, wet days per month, min / max temperature per day and average sunlight hours per day in Leipzig.

In 2014 the temprature sored to 34 degrees, whilst in 2016 the temprature sunk to 4 degrees...generally if WGT occurs in May the chances of lower temprature is higher, and of course the WGTs in June do tend to be warmer. Obviously you need to factor this in when packing, cold weather means heavier bags / less opportunity to buy goodies.

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