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So this is the 64 Million Euro question, how much is going to the next WGT going to cost you? Well for one thing its not going to cost you 64 million Euros. The cost will obviously be dependant on your home location and how far you are going to travel before you get to Germany and Leipzig, together with how much you want to spend...

For me the cost is approximately £1100, that is £500-£600 for the hotel, £100 for the flight, £60 for the car park, £80 for the transport to and from Leipzig from Berlin, the remaining is made up from food, beer and shopping...

So what will you need to factor into your total costs assumptions. Well obviously once again it will depend on your home location, however here is a small list for of things you may need to factor in.

  • Your Flight

  • Car Park at the airport / cost to get to the airport

  • Your Train Fare, return to Leipzig from Berlin

  • Hotel, 5 nights minimum

  • WGT Ticket (€140 in 2018 if not booked in advance and purchased in Leipzig)

  • Food and Drink

  • Shopping

If you live in the UK then you are looking at cost of about £750-£850 with a 3 star hotel, and not going too mad with drink and shopping. If you live in the United States then I would imagine that the cost is going to be $2500+ depending on where you live in the US and if you are going to combine WGT with any other site seeing in Europe.

What would be the cost to do WGT on a budget?
Well if you camp, and keep shopping to a minimum then I would imagine that you could keep your costs to about £500 (if you travel from the UK and plan well). I guess that budget and living outside of Europe do not go hand in hand, still I would be keen to know what you could do WGT from if you live in the USA, Australia, South Africa or anywhere else.

How can I reduce the cost?
Book as early as possible, buddy up with others to reduce accommodation cost, don't go to the shopping Halle...
Also check out the currency prices, if the Euro crashes at some point during the year then get your spending money then, dont wait until May / June when everybody else is buying Euros and going on around for hotels, use comparison sites and dont pay straight away unless you find an amazing deal, this will let you cancel and re-book if a better deal comes up. Also join the facebook group above, its full of the latest info on Leipzig and hotel costs. You might also want to stay in apartment (maybe with friends to split the cost), these are often very good value although a little further out of town.

Food and drink, how much does it cost?
Both are quite cheap once you are in Leipzig with your wristband then you can get by without a huge amount of money (depending on price of the Euro and where you come from)...Eating at the Agra is very cheap, whilst beer is cheaper than the UK.

Shopping at the Agra, is it expensive?
Unfortunately shopping at the Agra is not as cheap as it used to be, fluctuation in the Euro means that it is actually cheaper to buy clothes and CDs at home (in the UK). Big stores like EMP can be very expensive where you can pay €50 for a poorly made top. Fortunately there is an answer as some of the bigger stores also have a sales store at the Agra too (namely EMP and Princess of Darkness). Whilst there are a number of stores selling CDs they are no cheaper than back at home, Out of Line and Black Rain have excellent stores but it can be cheaper on Amazon.

Finally my last piece of advice on WGT Cost is to plan well, book early and start saving...see you in Leipzig

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