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There really is so much to do and see at the WGT Festival (let alone Leipzig City itself). The festival is not just about Music, it is so much more and you probably wont have enough time to do everything as there is so much to do from seeing gigs, shopping at a huge gothic market, chilling in the massive Pagan Village, going to the ballet or opera, getting involved in LRPG, visiting the free museums or the wonderful cemetaries, then there are readings and films, churches to visit, autograph signings, classical music, a victorian picnic, a steampunk picnic, parties in just about every corner of the city and exhibitions...there is no other Gothic festival like WGT 

No matter what sub genre of the gothic scene you are in to there will be others just like you and not just from Germany, but from around the world. There will be bands that will play your type of music, be it electro, synth, trad, punk, deathrock, metal, noise, gothic rock, ebm, industrial, folk, darkwave, ambient, pop or just about any other type of music you care to name you will be catered for.

To the side you find a range of photos from around the Festival and Leipzig to give you just a small taste of what to expect, I hope the photographs provide you with enough inspiration to come to the next Wave Gotik Treffen, dont just dream it, get your arse to Leipzig!

Leipzig is a big city, but as you can see from the Map of WGT 2018 you can see that venues stretch right across the city from North to South and East to West, and this is why WGT is so very different to any other festival that you have been too

So for newbies coming to WGT can be a bit daunting, however dont let this put you off, if you keep to the main venues you will be fine, even after being every year since 2002 I still have not been to all of them (and probably never will as the festival evolves each and every year)

The main venue for WGT is the Agra Messepark (or just the Agra), located to the south of the city, but dont worry about getting there as your ticket provides you with free public transport for the duration of the festival. The Agra is where the main bands will play, you can shop till you drop, dance till daylight and camp for the duration of the festival (should that be your overnight preference).

Other key venues are the Taubchenthal, Moritzbastei, Felsenkeller, Volkspalast and Torhaus Dolitz (or Heidnisches Dorf / pagan village)...names that as a newbie you may struggle with, but each has a separate identity that will provide you with a years worth of yearning to go back and investigate more...and dont forget that Leipzig is a beautiful city and worth the trip just to wander around it.

NOTE: This map is produced every year by the festival and is available when you exchange your ticket for a wristband, it is also available throughout the festival from the centre of the Agra market halle.

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