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Travel around the city is very easy. The main tram station is right outside the Train Station, be careful as trams are pulling in and out all the time, keep yourself clear of them. If you are using any hotel in the centre of town then I advise using the this tram stop, if you use another stop you may struggle to get a seat (due to being full of weirdly dressed people in black). Trams are the key to your movement around the city and the festival, and if you have taken my advice then you are based in a hotel near the Train Station then you may even get a seat when you get on a tram. Obviously there are plenty of other Goths in the city, and it has been known for other events to be held in Leipzig during WGT (Sporting events, some sort of March by school kids with whistles, and the famous Bach Festival) so Trams get full very quickly.

The Agra is the largest festival location and the camping site, tram number 11 (don’t worry about the letter after the number, they all go the same way) is the main tram that will take you from the town centre outside the Train Station down to the Agra, it’s a 30 minute journey. If you miss the tram another will be along shortly as more 11 trams are put on during the festival. Simply get on and wait for everybody to get off, just follow them to the Agra, this will be directly in front of you as you get off the tram. Tram travel is free for the four days of the festival, once you have your wristband. If you arrive on the Thursday or use the trams on the Tuesday after the event you will need a tram ticket, there are machines (with an English facility) at every tram stop, make sure you get a ticket, it a €50 fine if you are caught without a ticket. You will need to authorise your ticket on the tram, look for a machine near the entrance, you simply slot your ticket in and it prints the date on the ticket, no date and you might as well have no ticket. Just outside the Seaside Park (towards the station) there is a glass fronted building that can help with all your transport questions. The cost is approx €5-6 for a days travel. 

Apart from being very crowded the Tram system works very well and is the most convenient way to get around the city. Please be aware that you should give up your seat for elderly people.

Once you have your WGT Wristband you are entitled to free Public Transport in the greater Leipzig area (110)
From FRIDAY 08:00h until TUESDAY 12:00h NOON

TRAM 11: This tram runs from the Hauptbahnhof down to the Agra via Werk II

There is now a tunnel under Leipzig that has taken about 10 years to complete, it links the North and South of the city. With Reference to WGT it has very few benefits, however some of you may find it useful. The main stops with the city are Leipzig Hauptbahnhof with the central Markt station, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz station and Bayerischer Bahnhof.

You may find the new stops useful if you are travelling down from the Airport in Leipzig or If you are coming to the Pre Meeting you could use the train from Leipzig Hauptbahnhhof to Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz (although most people will walk as its only a short distance). All lines are now fully functional.

Taxi drivers in Leipzig seem to talk very little English (well how many of our taxi drivers speak German), I would advise taking a print-out of where you want to go and simply showing it to the taxi driver. If you want to go down to the Agra in a Taxi (from the Train Station) it will cost you about €20-25 and the driver will go via the motorway/bypass and take you out of the city (don’t worry we all wondered where we were going when we first made the trip). If you speak a little German then you will have better luck. If there are four of you or you need to get to a venue quickly then I would advise getting a taxi. There is also a long line of them outside the Agra, which is very useful after a long day watching bands, €25 in a taxi or wait with a couple of thousand other people to get on a very packed tram.

Webcam views of the main Tram Station in Leipzig (with Leipzig Hauptbahnhof in the background), during WGT it will be awash with people dressed in Black. Refreshed every 60 Seconds

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