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So this venue is actually an independent mini festival within the WGT festival where you will hear Electronic bands of various genres (from Future pop to Hellectro). The venue is a little odd, its located to the south-west of the city centre between the railway line and a parking lot, behind some houses close to a residential area (see map at the bottom of this page).


To get to the venue you need to catch the Number 3 Tram (as shown on the map to the right), it takes about 25 minutes to reach 'Großzschocher' stop on Gerhard-Ellrodt-Straße (from the Hauphbahnhof). You will need to walk the last part along Gerhard-Ellrodt-Straßethe to reach the venue.

The actual venue is outside (and is surrounded by fencing), there is a tented area where you will find the bar and then an open area before the stage it should be noted that the open area is formed of broken rock (like broken paving), so is quite uneven. The Stage is a good size for the size of venue and probably has a maximum capacity of approx 300. You can purchase beer and drink at the venue (although I am not sure about food) and there are a couple of Dixie / Portaloo toilets on site.

Why does Non-Tox get its own page? the answer is purely based on the number of bands that will play there, yes the venue is small and Non Tox only takes place for 3 days of WGT (Fri to Sun) however they will have approx 24 bands in total, plus there are after parties of mixed genres. Bands can start before lunch and will go on to 10pm. 

NOTE: Whilst Non-Tox is an independent event you do get in for free with your wristband, however you should note that anybody can pay to enter the venue (approx €50 for the 3 days).

If you are going to Non-Tox it is probably best to stay for the day or at least for a few hours (rather than just for one band) as its a little difficult to get to other venues, there are infrequent taxis, so your best bet will be to catch the number 3 tram back into central Leipzig.

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