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So you get to Leipzig and you need some money...

  • Do they have Cash Points?

  • Will your card work?

  • Can you pay for things with your Card?

Relax, the answer to all three is Yes.

I recommend getting some money changed before you leave to go to Germany/Leipzig, just to pay for Public Transport and food on your way to the city, other than that I would not risk taking large sums, get it out of an ATM when you arrive.

The Euro € is the currency across Europe. In Germany you will find various Euro coins from across the continent, they all have the same front although German minted coins have German national emblems on the rear. Euro Bank Notes are the same across Europe.

Cash points or ATM's in Leipzig can be a little hard to find at times, many are hidden away, however there is a solution, you just need to look for the Blue and Red 'ec eurocheque' sign, there is always a Cash Machine near it. You can also look for a sign that says 'Sparkasse' (Savings Bank) on the fronts of buildings, most have cash machines.

If you are staying in a Hotel around the main Train Station you will find cash points within the station, as you enter the main 
front entrance. There are numerous cash points around the city centre, just keep an eye out for the signs.

Many of the stalls at the Agra Messepark (Halle 1) now have Credit Card facilities (although some will ask for you to produce your passport as proof the card is yours). Its best to take cash with you. If you see something that you must buy but don't have enough money then the Agra now has a cash point and 4 ATMs (just wander around the food stalls outside, you wont miss it).

Credit cards are not as widely used in Germany as they are in the UK or the US, not every shop will take your card, and if they do you will need your CHIP and PIN number. And to save embarrassment if you have time to stop at a Restaurant you may need cash to pay for your food, check the window of the Restaurant for Visa/Mastercard stickers before entering. You may also need your Passport as proof that the card belongs to you (this is quite standard across much of Europe).


Your phone should work in Germany if you come from Europe, if you are from further afield then you will need to check with your provider. The Phone network in Germany seems to be behind that of the UK, whilst we take 4G for granted in 2019 it was not to be found in Leipzig. The key thing to remember is to disable mobile date before you land in Germany, else when you turn it on it will start updating apps and costing you money.

If you want to use your phones mobile data then its worth getting a roaming package (if your phone package is not free when in Germany), when you first turn on your phone in Germany your provide will normally send you a text message that will allow you to gain access for a nominal daily charge (although you may have to watch when the daily charge ends, I have found that it ends at midnight in a lot of cases, which either means you need to update your package in the middle of the night (although you should still be out partying), else you phone may revert to normal mobile data and start racking up your costs).

Most Hotels offer WiFi, some charge, some are free (although the bandwidth or free time may be limited). There are numerous hotspots around Leipizg where you can get free WiFi as many shops / cafes have it (the password can be found with the menu, or simply ask the staff) although its not as common as it is elsewhere.

If coming from the USA, T-Mobile is part of Deutsche Telekom, their current (as of May 2016) Simple Choice plan has unlimited international text and data as well as US$0.20/minute international calling.  Data speeds aren't great (slower end of 3G) but IMHO adequate for GPS / Maps and light Internet usage.

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