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If there is a question that you cant find the answer to, then fee free to contact me at I will get back to you as soon as I can....


Do you need more help, do you have a question?

There are several places to gain more help, if you have a facebook account click on the facebook icon above to go to the Facebook group, all the latest details about WGT, breaking news, band announcements, hotel deals, flight deals and information on Leipzig (although note that any non WGT / Leipzig posts will be deleted, and spammers will be banned). NOTE: You must answer one of the two questions to gain access to the group (failure to do so will mean you will not be added)

Another option is to join the offical WGT Forum, you will find a link to that on the official WGT Website (click on the Wave Gotik Treffen banner below), and dont forget to sign up for the newsletter (you will then get the official band announcements to your inbox). There are also numerous blog sites with help and info about WGT, if you have a specific question then feel free to email me <<< here >>>

And of course if you are WGT Newbie (or not) then feel free to come along to the WGT Pre-Meeting that occurs on the Thursday before WGT at the Ratskeller Leipzig (a short walk from the Moritzbastei), here you will meet lots of English speaking people from around the world that can help you get the most from the festival and provide you with lots of friendly faces around the various WGT venues.

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