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Welcome / Willkommen

Welcome to Sadgoth's Guide to Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT)

Don't just dream it, get your arse to Leipzig!


  • The next WGT will officially take place from 6th June - 9th June 2025

  • My advice is to go Wed to Wed (to allow you to acclimatise and rest)

  • Join the facebook group for the latest information

  • T-shirts / Merch <HERE>

  • See you in Leipzig!


I created this website in 2006 to help first timers get to the world's biggest and best Gothic Festival. At the time there was very little English information about the festival and because I found it rather daunting when I first went in 2002 I thought I would write up my experiences to help others.

Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) is without doubt the best Gothic Festival you will ever attend, not just for the 200+ bands that will play but because we quite literally take over the city of Leipzig, 20-30 thousand Goths invade the city and the wonderful citizens and businesses of the city accept us and go out of their way to make us feel at home

Quite literally WGT / Leipzig is the Mecca of the Gothic World, you have to attend at least once in your lifetime, although once you have been you will undoubtedly get the bug and try to attend every year...I have designed this website to help you make the right decision, to help you plan your visit, to make you comfortable with investing in travel and accommodation to ensure you can 'Get your arse to Leipzig' and join the Sadgoth Family

Navigation around this site

Use the task bar at the top of the  page to navigate through the many pages of this site, read the details and feel free to join the facebook group page (link above)


NOTE: This website is best viewed on computer / laptop screen, there is too much text and fine detail to make it phone friendly, I have also increased the size of font for those of us with failing eyesight.

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