I hope you found this site useful and that it will make your trip to the next WGT a bit easier, if you think I have missed something / something is wrong (and you have to appriciate that the festival is ever evolving and changes every year) then feel free contact me through the Facebook group link above

And finally I want to thank everybody from over the years that has offered support either by providing additional material / helping on the ground in Leipzig at the Pre Meet or feeding back on what I have written, my thanks to you all

My thanks to

  • Thomas R

  • Billie P

  • Eva and Marc

  • Mikael G

  • Steve W

  • Thomas W

  • Richard V

  • Ian and Shea

  • Karen and Q

  • Matthias

  • Warja

  • Maggie S

  • Adrian A

  • And so many more that I cannot name you all, thank you once again